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At Life ReDefined Inc. we believe that through positive narration and storytelling, we can create better families and a brighter future. We are a revolutionary, family focused non-profit organization that seeks to blend families together, to help heal the brokenness and bring about a sense of community. Through curated programming we create space for families to celebrate and learn.


Our mission is to use our resources to be a beacon of light for families and to provide them with the tools to create and sustain strong, healthy relationships with each other and the community at large. We are committed to changing the narrative and helping families grow and thrive.

Joshua Zawadi - Executive Director


To inspire family and community connection through intentional and collaborative experiences.


To use revolutionary practices to promote positive family connection that fuels growth and community centered healing

Community Collaborations


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Contact Life Redefined if you are interested in booking us for keynote presentations, professional development and workshop sessions, family engagement, and any other speaking opportunities

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